Do you own any black, over the calf (knee high) dress socks? I'd love to see you in those! Also, are your superhero tights footed? Keep up the good work and love your pics.

i don’t have any but I need some.  Some of the costumes are footed.  Thanks!

we fucking need your ass to get wedgied some more. i'll buy the fuck out of it, man

I’ll do what I can :)

I fucking love your feet damn, you're so hot, your feet fetish vídeos are the best!!! :-), take more pics of your feet plz

Thanks! I will :)

Where did you get that shiny superman suit?

I have a lady in china that customizes then for me

Hey, love your stuff


I LOVED the footworship scene you did where you played a letterman jacket wearing jock, who was being taken advantage by his teacher. I loved it not for the foot thing, but because i have such a huge turn on with letterman jackets and the whole jock look, especially when being pleasured or taken advantage by someone abusing their authority. Do you plan on wearing your jackets in more videos? I'd appreciate it if you would.

Thanks! I’ll try to do that more :)