I wanted to send you a quick thank you! Despite how accepting the adult film industry is of the queer community, there is a lack in visibility of multisexual males. It is personally very encouraging to see another man, whether you label yourself as bisexual, pansexual, or not at all, who openly and freely enjoys dominant, submissive, or egalitarian sex with people of many genders. And, of course, you're hella attractive, so there's that too!

Awe, thanks for thanking me :)

in the life of every day, do you consider yourself straight or bisexual? u r my favourite porn actor, love u <3

Awe thanks! It’s hard to say. I’m mostly into Women but I get turned on when I work with guys too (I don’t have to pretend, cause it’s totally hot for me) I get dangerously horny around hot TS women. I’m in a long term relationship with a girl and I love her.

Gay people tell me I’m straight. Straight people tell me I’m Bi or Gay. I kinda stopped keeping track a while ago, and just do what turns me on :)