Teased and Abused by Orias - (i had lots of fun making this last night)

Teased and Abused by Orias


with Orias Bastet and Lance Hart (me)


  Orias Bastet loves to tease men, get them horny, then break their balls.  That’s her thing.  Lance is about to learn this.  

  They are hanging out on a sofa.  She is wearing a high cut leotard, torn gray pantyhose, and high heels.  She lays her sexy leg over him, giggles, smiles, then taps his crotch with the toe of her high heel shoe.  That’s just the beginning.   Lance clearly wants to get laid, and Orias clearly has him wrapped around her finger.  She knees, kicks, and squeezes his balls, and keeps it very sensual the whole time.  She gets him to strip down to his boxer briefs and abuses his balls even harder, then dismisses him, for now…   1 2 3 4 5 7 8 6   Later on, time has passed and Lance has been broken by Orias.  She has him on his knees before her and can basically do whatever she wants with him.  She smothers his face with her sexy ass and crotch, squeezes his balls, makes him kiss her perfect ass, and eventually sits on his face and squeezes his package until he is out, then stands over his body.   10 11 12 14 13 15 16 17 BALLBUSTING, BALL SQUEEZING, HARD KNEES, TATTERED PANTYHOSE, LEOTARD, ONE PIECE, HIGH HEELS, FACE SITTING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS KISSING, TEASE AND DENIAL, COCK TEASE   PRICE: $ 16.99 MIN: 19:32